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The key to beautiful skin begins here at Charleston Aesthetics. We offer both Medical and Aesthetic Skin Care services. With in-depth skin analysis and proper treatment, we can improve the condition of your skin and transform it. Our facials are tailored to the needs of each individual. On completion of treatment, you will be provided with recommendations of the correct skin care products, make-up and procedures that will be right for your individual skin care needs.

Essential Facial

Skin analysis is the most important aspect of this facial. It allows our licensed Aesthetician to exam your skin and determine the treatment needed to achieve a more healthy, radiant, and youthful appearance. This facial includes a deep pore cleaning, exfoliation, steaming to open clogged pores, extractions (if skin type and patient permits), fluid concentrate, restore or corrective mask, treatment massage, concluding care and sun protection.

Oxygen Formula Facial
Ahh…give your skin a breath of fresh air!

This facial is for skin that appears dull and lifeless and is more difficult to rid itself of impurities. The Oxygen Formula line corrects and soothes sallow sensitive skin. This therapeutic treatment stimulates and revitalizes the skin giving you a healthy, youthful glow.

Golden Caviar Treatment with Collagen
Luxurious Anti-aging Treatment

For more vitality and resilience treat yourself to this intense beauty care treatment. This luxurious treatment refines skin texture, improves moisture level, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant balance.

Vitalizing Formula Facial
Like a “Fountain of Youth” for the Skin

This facial is an intensive lifting and firming treatment, ideal to restructure, replenish and stimulate dormant functions of aging skin. It improves elasticity, restores firmness and gradually eliminates signs of fatigue. Results can be seen and felt and is for all skin types.

Moisturizing Formula Facial
Water…pure elixir of life and essential for all living things!

The water volume in our body is affected by numerous factors…age, stress, a hectic lifestyle, unhealthy habits (smoking, alcohol, tanning, etc) and environmental influences. Moisture loss severely impairs skin cell functions, which is seen and felt as dull, sallow, flaky skin with fine lines and a tautness feeling. Biodroga’s Moisturizing Formula Facial counteracts skin moisture loss, assures an optimal moisture level, prevents visible signs of the aging process, and conditions and protects the skin in a unique way.

Puran Formula Facial
Cleanliness-pure and simple

Impure skin is not a matter of age. It may occur during puberty, menopause, pregnancy, or stress. This deep cleansing facial is designed to diminish skin impurities and normalize excessive sebum secretion while soothing any inflammation-leaving the skin surface refined. This facial is excellent for teenage and adult acne skin.

Men’s Sensation Facial

This facial delivers a targeted response to a man’s skin needs and assures fresh, dynamic, revitalized appearance. Additionally, this facial combats signs of fatigue and stress while improving elasticity and moisture level.

Super Beauty Enzyme Facial
Dr. Christine Schrammek

This Super Beauty treatment not only gives the face a “Lift” but also restores moisture, smoothness, radiance and firms the skin. With the use of Skin Elixier, a highly effective, biological beauty fluid containing valuable agents such as wheat germ, Aloe Vera, vitamins E,A,C, panthenol, allatonin and jojoba oil, even extremely exhausted skin will regain new vitality.

Additional Treatments:
Throat and Décolleté Treatment

Delicate skin on throat and décolleté is firmed and fortified. Skin is strengthened and stimulated while moisture level is increased. Fine lines and dehydration are improved.

Collagen Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Recommended for the delicate eye area. This three step hydrating treatment is followed by a collagen mask, that reduces fine lines, soothes tired eyes and reduces puffiness.

Lip Smoothing Collagen Treatment

How often do we forget our lips? This great resurfacing lip treatment is a must. An organic brown sugar exfoliation (good enough to eat), is followed with a collagen mask then finished with our moisturizing and conditioning Lip Drink.

Body Treatment
Milk and Honey Body Wrap
Instantly imparts a velvety soft skin feeling

Due to the active ingredients, the results of this procedure can be noticed after just one treatment. Your skin will become velvet smooth. Maximum care will be given provided by inducing metabolism for dry, dehydrated skin. The Biodroga’s Milk and Honey mask has a soothing effect on sun-damaged, red irritated skin. Even driest spots (calves, elbows, décolleté, and hands) will be moisturized.

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