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*Only available for purchase in office* 

Advanced Intensive SystemFor Comprehensive Whitening TreatmentDouble White includes a combination of Vit C Serum 11S (11% of the Derived Stable Vitamin C), Azelaic 20 (Azelaic Acid 20%) and Alpha Arbutin (5%). This powerful blend helps reduce discoloration, evens out skin tone and protects the skin structure from free radicals. The additive DermShieldTM allows the use of the cream without causing irritation.Directions for Use:Apply a thin layer of Vit C Serum 11S (A) and then a thin layer of Azelaic 20 (B) up to twice a day onto the face, neck, and chest, or as instructed by a skincare specialist. During the daytime, it is recommended to also apply NOON Brush&GoTM sunscreen powder with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF).


Active Ingredients:A: Vit C Serum 11S Stable 11% Vitamin CB: Azelaic 20 Azelaic Acid 20%

Double White

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