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Skincare Consultations at Charleston Aesthetics

Ready, set, glow!

Anytime I see someone with glistening glowing skin, I ask myself “What’s their skincare secret? What are they using or getting done to give their skin that pep and who’s doing their treatments”?

Well, my friends, the frustrating part of this question is that what’s working for someone else may not be what you need for your skin, but on the flip side, the wonderful part of aesthetics is that there are a ton of options and treatments that can and will work for you with just a little bit of guidance.

First things first, if you’re on the struggle bus on what to do with your skin and where to start, your first step is to find a reputable and trust worthy aesthetician (cough, cough) and book a consultation with them.

> Why is it important to book a consultation before booking an appointment and what do our consultations include?

I don't know about you guys, but I usually don't jump straight into a treatment with someone I hardly know. I start by booking a consultation with the provider so I can meet them and so that they can observe my skin and go over a treatment plan that would be suitable for my needs. I'm " a lot of questions kind of gal and I want to know it all", so if you're the same way, this is the perfect opportunity to ask all those questions you've been dying to ask!

Take a Look Inside

First, we invite our patients to do a Skin Analysis using our Emage Machine. This machine is very helpful in showing us what your skin is lacking and in what areas need the most attention. We will continue using this Skin Analysis Machine throughout your treatments to observe and track your improvements.

Example of Emage Skin Analysis Dashboard View
Example of Emage Skin Analysis Dashboard View

In the example above, you can see that the skin analysis evaluates eight areas of common skin concern. Together, we identify your main concerns and create a treatment plan that focuses on priority concerns for either the health or appearance of your skin. Treatment plans first prioritize what is most important, then discuss what's to come after so you have a good idea of what additional treatment may be needed to accomplish your goals.

Depending on what service you're interested in, we may roll from your long-term treatment planning into your first service. There are many services that we can provide without a separate consultation. We do our best to offer same day care and first look outcomes.

> Hold on...did I mentioned that our consultations are free of charge?!

We value this time with our new patients and take this opportunity to communicate the value of each of our services. Our team understands that trusting anyone with concerns so personal takes a leap of faith, and we believe you shouldn't have to pay to find out if a provider is going to be a good fit. It really does all come down to this:

| We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and look their best! |

I hope that you'll schedule a complimentary consultation with me so together we can understand your goals and determine a treatment plan tailored to your desired outcomes.

Estelle, LME holding gua sha tools

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